Master Tree Farmer Quiz

Do you think you know all you need to know about Tree Farming and the Master Tree Farmer Course would be a waste of time? If you can't answer the questions below, you might want try taking the course.

  1. How many cords of fuelwood are there in 900cubic feet of aspen?What are the advantages of basel area crusing? Name at least three.What conifer group is described by "single, stiff, sharp, square needles"?There are at least six methods of slash treatment. Name three of them.List three factors that affect the market value of standing timber that you plan to sell.Make a simple drawing to show the following 40 acre tract of land. the SE 1/4, Section 3, T7N, R70WHow many years does it take to complete the life cycle of dwarf mistletoe?
  2. On what date has research shown that mass flight of the Mountain Pine Beetle can be expected to occur? (Mass flight is when 50% or more of the beetles fly within a 3-day period.)

The correct answers to each question can be found in the appropriate curriculum section of the Master Tree Farmer Course.