Touring a Tree Farm

If you are a Tree Farmer and/or a Forest Ag participant who is dealing with the challenge of landscape threats to your woods such as insect infestation or wildfire, it is vital to get as many neighbors as possible using science based forest management practices.

.Unfortunately many people find tree cutting to be damaging to the environment. One of the best ways to allay these concerns is to tour a Tree Farm to see the work being done and hear about the benefits of active forest management.

If you would like to attend a tour and witness the benefits for yourself, you should:

We can also help you organize tours for neighbors, school children or the general public. Contact info@treefarmer.com If you attend a local community group, ask if other members could help. If you're interested in working with children, we've create a a special guide to help you deal with school districts. see: Tour Guidebook


Here are some videos of Tree Farm tours:

Larimer County Tree Farmers Tour 2015

A tour of aTree Farm burned during the 2012 High Park Fire. The devastation caused and varied restoration efforts now underway were highlighted.

2nd Annual Ramos Tree Farm Tour

Providing tours for school children can be a very rewarding experience. Listen to the comments from the kids. Awesome!