Most threats to the health of our forests are landscape in nature. Unless your neighbors are also engaged in mitigating the damage that is being caused by wildfire and insect infestation, your efforts as an individual may not be as effective as they could be.

However, the concern most often voiced by those of us actively managing our forests is: "I'm working hard to improve the health of my woods, but my neighbors are not! How can I get them involved?"

Some of our Tree Farmers are much more articulate, passionate, and persuasive advocates of active forest management than the rest of us. Finding a practical way of introducing these people to all our neighbors has been challenging. However technology may have provided a potential solution.

We have started producing video interviews of those folks who have been most effective in persuading their neighbors to get involved. We will be creating DVDs containing these interviews. The DVDs will then be made available to Tree Farm inspectors, forestry contractors, and anyone else who is interested in reaching out to landowners who are not yet practices sound science based forest management.

Here is a sample of one of the interviews:

Colorado Tree Farmer Hangout - Jim & Vicki Norton