Our long time contributor, entomologist, Bill Ciesla, has pointed out that the answer provided for this quiz question is incorrect. The photo is is not of pine needle scale as originally state in a newspaper article. Bill writes:

"The photo in the quick quiz part of this issue of Colorado Tree Farmer does not depict pine needle scale.  I suspect that the insect involved is a species of Pineus a pine woolly adelgid.  The white areas shown on the photo are too woolly for pine needle scale, which is a small hard white shell of pine and spruce needles.  Several years ago there was an outbreak of pine needle scale in the community of Rustic on the Poudre River.  I looked at the outbreak and found both pine needle scale and pine woolly adelgids."
Happy holidays,
William M. Ciesla
Forest Health Management International
Fort Collins, CO 80525